• Gluon (map)
  • 4 Slachthuisstraat
  • Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1000
  • Belgium

During this workshop you will learn how to work with bacterial leather. You will learn how to grow your own leather using plant based ingredients and you will gain insight in methods to process the material.

At the end of the workshop, you will have your own starter culture, with which you can also experiment at home. Moreover, you will learn how to design accessories and even clothing with the leather. We will share design and processing methods that you can use to unleash your creativity.

This is an introductory workshop, no foreknowledge is required. After the workshop, you will get a step by step guide and a starter culture for growing you own bacterial leather. Your teacher is Elise Elsacker of Magma Nova and ReaGent.


Fee: €40

Duration: 2u

Location: Gluon, Slachthuisstraat 4-6 1000 Brussels

Max. 15 participants

Ticketlink: https://queue.eventgoose.com/?multiSalesChannel=152a9c8a0daa42ace2dfe74f9fd32482