• Gluon (map)
  • 4 Slachthuisstraat
  • Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1000
  • Belgium

Mushroom material, or material based on mushrooms, is one of the most promising new biomaterials. It’s light, strong and completely biodegradable. Moreover, this material is grown using wasted resources. The technique is already applied for producing isolation and packaging material. Designers, biologists and makers have also developed chairs, lamp shades and even shoes.

This workshop is an introduction to growing your own biomaterials with fungi. You will learn lab techniques, get recipes and take home your own mycelium material object. During the workshop we will use molds to shape the material. All the necessary materials for the workshop will be supplied, but participants can also take their own mold for object of their choice (+- 1L volume, big opening to fill the mold with wood fibres).

The workshop takes place at Gluon in Brussels. Winnie Poncelet of Magma Nova and ReaGent is your teacher. This is an introductory workshop, no foreknowledge is required.


Fee: €40

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Gluon, Slachthuisstraat 4-6 1000 Brussels

Max. 15 participants

Ticketlink: https://queue.eventgoose.com/?multiSalesChannel=3b402417e34cd17c314da50dbd22dbbf