What is up-and-coming in biodesign?

Nature is an inspiring model of sustainability and inventiveness as well as a mature technology we could use to build more sustainable and desirable futures

Within this context, Biodesign grows as a branch made of intersections between nature, science and creativity. This innovative approach to design expands problem solving frontiers, basing itself on research from the life sciences and even incorporating the use of living materials into structures, objects and processes. By joining designers and biologists, Biodesign proposes a shift in social priorities and sustainable perspectives on building and manufacturing.
During this evening, two experts will guide us through their projects and experiences merging creativity and scientific knowledge. They will also discuss about interactions between design, biology and socio-political-ecological issues with the public.

The event also counts with an exhibition tour of Biodesign student projects.


Ana Lisa Alperovich-O’Brien is an independent curator, journalist and tutor based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She runs and coordinates Makematerialsense, a 6-month discipline on natural materials and human senses for students of Design Academy Eindhoven. Her class is a journey towards sustainable alternatives to plastics and other non-ecological materials.

Guillian Graves is an industrial designer and biodesigner. He heads Big Bang Project, a Parisian studio at the cutting edge of socially-responsible design, science, and technology. He will introduce his design approach at the meeting point between Design and Biology, as well as the way he seeks to imitate / collaborate with / fabricate nature to design sustainable innovations.


19h00-19h30: Welcoming
19h30-19h45: Introduction
19h45-20h10: Exhibition tours
20h10-20h30: Lecture by Ana Lisa Alperovich-O’Brie (Design Academy Eindhoven)
20h30-20h50: Lecture by Guillian Graves (ENSCI)
20h50-21h30: Debate + Q&A

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For the curious. For the pioneers.

Our future local, circular economy needs designers, makers and researchers versed in design for sustainability. Biological technologies are highly compatible with this vision and offer a large potential to be transformative for our society. Biofabrication, or the fabrication of products through living organisms and biotechnologies, is therefore an important future field. Glimps developed an extensive Biofabrication Bootcamp that will train 22nd century thinkers and designers.

From the deep dive kickoff weekend in nature, to full day biomaterial labs and a camp on 3D-printing living organisms: the programme will shape you as a pioneer.

The bootcamp classes take place from February to April 2019, for an average of 5 hours per week.

Download our flyer for info on modules, timing, registration.

Photo: Yuri Andries

Photo: Yuri Andries

registration endED on January 13th 2019!

You can still join our public lectures on March 27th (Ghent) and April 24th (Brussels). Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the event invitations.

You can also come visit our biofabrication meetups on Tuesdays or Saturdays as planned in the agenda of our bootcamp partner ReaGent: https://reagentlab.org/agenda/

Bow tie by Lynn Josephy for Glimps

Bow tie by Lynn Josephy for Glimps

3D-printing living organisms camp

3D-printing living organisms camp

The programme consists of hands-on training sessions and inspiring lectures spread over 3 months. The programme is designed to be compatible with your studies or job. See the full programme here.

Contact winnie@glimps.bio for any and all questions about the programme, practicalities, payment etc.

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The Biofabrication Bootcamp is supported financially by Vlaanderen Circulair.

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