a one-of-a-kind experience in BIOFABRICATION & design

Mont Vireux mansion - Photo by Yuri Andries

Mont Vireux mansion - Photo by Yuri Andries

What is the biofab weekeNd?

The BioFab Weekend is a fun, insightful and unique deep-dive experience into biofabrication and sustainable design. From Friday to Sunday evening, we retreat into a mansion in France surrounded by nature. On the menu are lectures on biofabrication, design and circular economy, hands-on activities guided by design and biomaterial experts and fun talks with new friends.

What to expect?

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The world of living materials and biodesign

Take a deep-dive into the world of biomaterials and biofabrication through living organisms and biotech.

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Hands-on training in back to back workshops

Learn how to biofabricate in hands-on trainings with experts in biomaterials.


Open-ended design and design for a circular economy

Explore concepts and methods of open-ended design and designing for a circular economy.


Biomimicry walk connecting theory to nature's practices

Enjoy the surroundings of the Mont Vireux mansion during biomimicry forest walks and learn to connect theory to nature's practices.

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One-on-one sessions with designers and scientists.

Join one-on-one sessions with designers and scientists with expertise in the field of biodesign and biomaterials.

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Walks, cooking sessions, yoga and other social activities!

Connect with people during social activities, such as yoga, cooking sessions and nature walks.


“An opportunity to collaborate, share and expand our knowledge.”

Jerome Maroni, president of the NGO La Cité de la Douceur, video producer and participant of the first Biofabrication Bootcamp.


“Biomaterials are crucial in tackling climate change, creating healthy built environments, and improving our wellbeing.”

Astrid Venlet., Designer and participant of the first Biofabrication Bootcamp.

Biofabrication Bootcamp closing event

Biofabrication Bootcamp closing event

Jerome made a mycelium wall. Astrid and Annemie Willemen made coffee ground bioplastic to use in a seat and a coffee cup. All of this was made in the 2,5 months following the BioFab Weekend.

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Join us for the next BioFab Weekend

and become part of a community working on a sustainable future.

The BioFab Weekend is a result of dreams and action of a group of experts in biofabrication and sustainable design. We believe in the strength of combining transdisciplinary knowledge and acting together for a bio-based economy. We look forward to welcoming you and collaborate, with respect for nature and each others passion.

Organized by: Francesca Ostuzzi (UGent) | Jasper Bloemen (Glimps) | Winnie Poncelet (Glimps)